21 de julio de 2015

A romantic looking for himself

He looked like a bad boy
but he was just a sweet guy.
He had a perfect smile
and a perfect style.
He would play football like everyone
but he whispered Shakespeare by heart.
His laugh,
his voice,
his arms,
a strong body and a fragil soul.
He was waiting for the stars to laugh at him,
the stars were waiting for his laugh to sing.
He was lost,
he searched for his star,
so he sang and played guitar.

A romantic looking for himself.

10 de mayo de 2015

Necesito alguien donde descansar.
I need someone where to rest.

9 de julio de 2014


It hurts for no logical reason
but for all the illogical ones.

It hurts because they will never know what I feel for them,
they will never ever understand what they meant to me.
What they were part of,
in which wonderful moments they are in, in my memories.

It hurts because it will never happen again,
it hurts because it wouldn't happen ever again.

It just hurts.

That's the way it's supposed to be,
and that's why it hurts even more,
if that's possible.