22 de diciembre de 2013

Piece of past in my present

It's strange how people change, grow old, carry on with life, we all do, and something meaningless like a smell just remainds the same. And that smell, on that changed person, makes you feel as if you were with that old friend. But you aren't. But you feel like you are. You are between two worlds, two realities: present versus past, memories. And it's curious how stronger those old memories are. They seem more real. 
They aren't. And it's sad.
Because the truth is that past is past, and it's gone. You are not who you used to be anymore, neither I am. That moment flew away.  We were but we aren't anymore. And this is how it had to be, I'm sure of that, but even though it feels sad to realize how times flyes and things change.
That's all what goes through my mind everytime I see you.
Because for me you are a beautiful and innocent piece of past in my present. And you make me realize all these things, all this time that has past, and keeps going and it will always do.
And this is how it has to be.
And it's strangely sad and exiting at the same time. 
But passage of time, as life itself, it's just like that: sad and exiting, a mix of two realities: present and memories.

And that's all what went through my mind when I saw you, today.